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Versatile Blogger Award

A couple weeks ago I was nominated by the AMAZING Lady A (Alixandra, did I get that spelling right?) over at All Lady A for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I'm finally getting around to it! Thanks so much Lady A for nominating me.

To accept the award I must:Thank the person who nominated me and link to their blog.Nominate 15 bloggers.Share 7 facts about myself!7 Facts About Me!I became a mother at 20.I got married at 20.I played violin through school.I've lived in 5 different states.I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.I named my oldest daughter after Lucille Ball, although her full name is not Lucille.This is really hard. My life is so boring.I Nominate:Anne at Recipes for Every SoulKaitlyn at Every Day KateWendy at at Living Life with JoyJennifer at Elegant Living Every DayFoodie Food MoodAnother Little BirdieGone with the Twins at twinthusiastic.comSingle Dad's Guide to LifeMairi at Citrus and CinnamonStina at Stina's SphereS…

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